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You have some questions? Of course you do.

four walls plus frequently asked questions strip

Everyone has questions about a photography session. This is a collection of the most commonly asked ones. If yours are not here, or you need more information, by all means give me a shout via the ‘contact me’ page.

Do I really need professional photographs?

A professional property shoot is more than just a photograph. It’s the hook to attract the viewer to read further. We all, subconsciously, make split second snap decisions, for better or worse, about the images that we look at. Visiting a property can change those opinions, but if you have only a photograph and some words with which to form that opinion, that first impression carries a lot more weight. You may not get another chance to attract that client.

Do you have professional quality property images ready for use on your website or marketing material?

If you’re in business, they are not just a ‘nice to have’; they are essential.

How much will it cost me, and what do I get for my money?

Unsurprisingly, this is in the top five of the most commonly asked questions. Which is why there is a dedicated page with details at the top of the screen. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I keep it simple, with no hidden extras. The prices shown are what you will pay, unless you ask for anything to be added. A request for only blue smarties as part of the backstage rider, or for the property to be moved to a sun drenched beach in the Caribbean [I wish] is considered to be an extra.

After each session, you will have access to a password protected website area for the selection of your preferred images. These will be watermarked, but can be used for layout purposes if required.

Every photograph that is chosen will be colour corrected, with minimal retouching applied [See ‘Can you make my property look better’ for details]. All final files are supplied as ready to use, high resolution JPEGs. I can crop to specific sizes for you, if you wish, or leave it you to decide.

What should I do to prepare for the shoot?

To enable me to create great images for you, there are a few simple steps you can take to help out.

First Impressions
Open any blinds or curtains to allow in natural light. Sunlit rooms are always more attractive, but I will also bring artificial lighting with me to give nature a helping hand. In general try to organize or put away objects that clutter your space. It will be less distracting to the viewer and generally make the property seem more inviting and spacious. The photographs will be seen across the Internet, and, possibly in print, so remove any valuables you do not want photographed. There’s no sense in attracting unwanted attention.

The Bedroom
– Make your bed with nice, clean sheets.
– Tidy up surfaces and bedside tables.
– Put away any laundry.

The Bathroom
– Clean all mirrors.
– Open the shower curtain.
– Close the toilet lid.
– Fold your guest towels.

General living areas
– Remove any clutter from your living space.
– Pretend you’re an interior decorator; arrange some flowers, fan some magazines, dust surfaces.
– Clean off dust on the edges of shelves, picture frames, and doorways.
– Wipe down all the surfaces of fixtures and appliances.
– Check the kitchen counter for crumbs.
– Sweep or vacuum under the furniture.
– If the washing machine is on show, remove any clothes from inside.

If cleaning is difficult to tackle alone, consider hiring a professional cleaner. Your time might be more valuable, and productive, spent doing other things.

It’s all in the details:
If there’s anything special that you would like to highlight:- amenities, period styling, unusual features etc; be sure to let me know so I can include some detail shots, or draw attention to them within a scene.

Can you make my property look better?

Along with pricing, this one is also in the top five questions that I get asked the most. The aim of a property shoot is to capture a set images that reflects how it looks at it’s best. Think of how it would look if the boss was coming to dinner, or your mum was visiting for the weekend. You’d make a bit of extra effort to tidy up and hoover behind the sofa. We’re not lying about what’s there, just showing the potential. I draw attention to the highlights with careful framing and professional lighting techniques.

I will happily remove ‘temporary’ blemishes as part of my standard post production process. You don’t even need to ask. So don’t worry about that scuff mark on the wall, or the dirty fingerprints on the light switch that you hadn’t noticed. If you would like any other digital ‘corrective surgery’, talk to me before the shoot, we may be able to avoid it being necessary.

Property shots should also be current and reflect how the building is now, not what it looked like five or ten years ago, however good it was then. Keep them up to date [ but then I would say that, wouldn’t I? ]

What if I have to cancel the appointment?

We all have unforeseen personal crises or illness. If you can give me advance warning, we can usually come to some form of agreement, and reschedule for another time. However, as a business person, you will understand the value of time. Professional photography is a business like any other. When you book a property shoot, I refuse all other bookings for that time period. If the session cannot go ahead, that time is lost to me, in either a business or personal sense. I reserve the right to retain the booking fee as compensation for a cancelled session. If we agree on an alternative date, I will make allowance for this in the final fee.

Can I use the images anywhere?

Put simply, yes. It’s your property, or you are acting on behalf of the owner, so you can use the images for all forms of promotional material .

In the unlikely event that you are planning to use the images as part of an advertising campaign, for a branded product or a magazine entry, for example, we will need to consider licensing options as part of the contract. Oh, and you won’t be able to sell your images either, they’re purely for your personal / business use – sorry about that.

I don't know what to do with the files that you've sent me.

Not everyone has the time, skill, or resources to work with the photographic files that I supply. It’s not uncommon for me to hand them over to an independent web designer or marketing team. I’m more than happy to work with the person[s] who will be using the files, to ensure that what I deliver meets their needs on your behalf.

Are there any hidden extras?

Nope. What you sign up for in the agreement/contract is the price that you pay.

Of course, if you ask for something extra on the day, or you change your mind about what it is that you would like, that may be reflected in changes to the final fee. But hey, life happens, and I’m sure we can have a sensible conversation about it.

How long before I get my pictures?

I will usually make the images from the shoot available for review, as watermarked ’proofs’, within 48 hrs of the shoot itself. You will be notified of availability by an email, which will contain a secure internet web page link and password. Assuming that no extensive retouching has been requested for any images, and that full payment has been received, the finished files will be ready for download within 24hrs of the date and time that the final selections have been made.

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely, for your complete peace of mind, I’m covered by full, up-to-date, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Basic Terms and Conditions

You will be sent electronically, or asked to sign on the day, a contract outlining what we have agreed to for the photography session. This is standard practice, and is as much of a contractual safeguard for you, as it is for me. The agreement will include the total payment to be made, less any deposit, and the granting of use of the images for marketing purposes by Four Walls Plus Photography. It does not permit me to sell, distribute or make other financial gain from your selected photographs, without your explicit permission, other than for the purposes of self promotion of my services.

If less than 24 hours cancellation notice is given for any confirmed booking, the booking fee is forfeited unless an alternative date and time is agreed. Travel and any additional fees, if necessary, such as special access or prop hiring, will be quoted separately, per commission.

All usage rights remain with Four Walls Plus Photography until full and final payment has been received. Once full payment has been cleared, you will be granted full licence of the images, indefinitely, for any media. See ‘can I use the images anywhere’ for exceptions.

As the photographer, I retain copyright ownership as detailed under the United Kingdom Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

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