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Photographer, Grand Wizard or just ‘oi you’ …

about the photographer at four walls plus property photography

Hi, my name is Steve Hughes and I’m the owner and full-time freelance photographer here at Four Walls Plus.

I’m happily married with a grown-up daughter, no strong political or religious leanings, but a keen sense of the ridiculous. Let’s face it, if this is all there is, it must be a joke, right? I love a good curry, vindaloo is preferred, and I’m somewhat partial to the occasional glass of Irish whiskey or red wine.

Let’s get in touch so we can chat about your photography requirements. The ‘Contact me’ button will take you to a page of the same name, or call or email using the details above the logo at the top of the page.

I’m also happy to collaborate with set designers, interior design practitioners, or be a second photographer within a design team.

I hope we can work together to show your property in the best possible light; pun intended. Of course, if you’re ready now, you can check my availability by clicking the ‘Book me’ button.

Steve Hughes big cheese Photographer at Four Walls Plus

Photographer loses elbows in freak accident

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