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Details – your chance to add some real personality


It's said that the devil is in the details, but when it comes to property it can be where the angels sing.

Time to pay attention to the details. With all the blood, sweat and tears of the main build out of the way, this is where you get to enjoy yourself. The real personality of a property can often be seen in the less obvious statements. Yes, you’ve impressed everyone with that huge oak door for the entrance hall, but did they spot the antique handle that you found and lovingly restored? What about that rather swish, cutting edge, shower thermostat or the pewter finish of the kitchen door handles.

If you’re trying to sell or rent a property, the way that you present it can make all the difference. You can hire a professional ‘dresser’ or an interior designer, but sometimes you just want to put something that says ‘you’ into a room. This can be anything from a treasured child’s toy, a fantastic piece of art, or something as simple as your favourite flowers. Photography is also a great way to highlight a particular service or view that is associated with the property.

Whether you need the images for your website, marketing material or a press release I can photograph them with as much love as you had in choosing them.

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