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Time to make a booking, but don’t worry, it will be quite painless

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  • Choose whether your booking is for a Residential or Commercial property.
  • Choose the type of Photography Session.
  • Enter a starting date to check for my availability; the default is next available working day.
  • Click on a Tick to remove any days that will NOT be convenient.
  • Limit the range of Start From and Finish By times that suit you.
    NB.  Allow some extra time before and after your booking choice for me to set up, and pack away, equipment [not charged for]
  • The deposit will be deducted from your final invoice.

Step 2 ‘Time’, will offer you the nearest available time slot based on the date and day[s] that you choose in  Step 1. You will be able change the day/date without having to go back.

Before booking a date/time slot, please double check the pricing section to ensure that the shoot package meets your needs. Have a credit card or paypal details ready to pay the deposit.


An excellent responsive service. Very understanding and professional, with the edited photos received within 24 hours. Will  be using again. Highly recommended.

Max Walker
West House Investments

Your photos were brilliant and exactly what I need demonstrating our house at its best. Perfect for the Film and TV listing site.

Caroline Robinson
House Owner

Thank you so much for the excellent photos that you recently took of my 2-bed serviced apartment. They were turned around in no time at all and have had a direct, positive, effect on my bookings.

Thank you as well for being flexible regarding the appointment booking.

Charlotte Walker
Property Developer

Once again, excellent photography. Thanks Steve, look forward to the next one!

Property Developer & B&B Owner